The Lumineers light up the Bell Centre

Anyone wondering why rustic folk and roots pop trio The Lumineers are playing arenas need only go see and hear them play an arena. Like the Bell Centre, for example, where on Saturday night they kept a full house cheering and on their feet for a show that hit every note, both literally and figuratively, pretty much perfectly.

As has been the case throughout their Cleopatra World Tour — their first arena tour, following the release of their sophomore full-length Cleopatra last April, which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 — The Lumineers prefaced their set with a recording of Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain. They played live percussion behind it, gradually upping the volume until, slowly, the audience caught on that this was more than just a warm-up tune. The lights dropped, the curtain rose and The Lumineers — their usual three expanded to six live — launched into uptempo opening song Submarines. The crowd erupted and the band never looked back.

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