U.S. travel restrictions will affect Montreal flight airline


Passengers flying from Detroit to Montreal Monday weren’t allowed to carry certain electronic devices onto the plane because of “instructions” from the American government.

These measures will also affect a flight from Montreal to the Jordanian capital of Amman on Tuesday, according to a statement by Royal Jordanian airlines.

In a statement released Monday, the airline cited “instructions from concerned U.S. departments” as the reason it wouldn’t allow passengers to carry electronics on their person during flights to and from the United States.

“Prohibited devices” like laptops, cameras, DVD players and video-game consoles could only be carried with checked luggage, the airline said.

“Cellphones and medical devices needed during the flight are excluded from the ban,” Royal Jordanian’s statement reads.

An examination of public statements from a half dozen other airlines that fly out of Montreal did not reveal any similar restrictions. The statement did not mention which government agency ordered the new measures and why they’re in place.