Where are you from? Edmontonians use art to explore immigrant culture


Local artists and speakers came together Sunday night to explore their cultural backgrounds in a unique event called Unpacking Boxes.

The event is into it’s third year and allows those participating to share their diverse backgrounds and cultures through art or public forum.

The showcase included speakers from African, Latin American and Filipino communities.

“It’s really opening up the dialogue between community members and artists and having an interchange about racial discrimination,” said Shrina Patel, event organizer.

The evening coincides with the United Nations Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on March 21.

This year’s theme was ‘where are you from?’

“You can talk about where you’re from, express your culture, show off your art, express your native tongue, speak in your native tongue,” Patel said. “Audience members engage in dialogue where they ask you questions about your culture, what does your art piece translate to.”

Watch below: This week marks the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. On Sunday night, local artists and speakers took part in an artistic showcase reflecting on themes of race and culture. Amrita Gill, Unpacking Boxes Co-Organizer, and artist Kalki joined the Weekend Morning News to talk about it.

Audience members learn about the diverse backgrounds of each speaker or artist.

“You are free to be who you are,” Patel said. “It’s all about being who you are and being accepted, if we understood who we are and who our neighbours are we wouldn’t be so afraid.”

The event was held at the Naked Cyber Café.