Commentary Too early to write an LRT obituary


To suggest that there’s a great deal of consternation in Hamilton about council’s handling of the LRT file would be a massive understatement.

Their decision to, once again, delay sending the LRT file forward for provincial oversight is yet another example of  how Hamilton seems unable to handle  large projects.

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Clearly, we have too many councillors who are proficient in getting cracks in sidewalks fixed or stop signs installed, but when it comes to megaprojects,  to building a future for Hamilton, they’re in way over their heads.

We’re the city that took over 50 years to build a much needed expressway; council’s handling of the stadium issue made national news headlines for all the wrong reasons and now people from coast to coast are asking why Hamilton is thumbing its nose at a billion-dollar transit and economic development investment.

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Notwithstanding the small-mindedness and naiveté of some of our political leaders, it’s too early to write an obituary for LRT.

My sources tell me that there are frantic efforts underway to modify the project to make it more attractive to some of the fence-sitters on council.

There’s no telling if the effort will be successful, but if it is,  Hamilton’s good fortune won’t be because of council, it will be in spite of council.