Elderly people ‘trapped’ inside Winnipeg apartment after elevators break down


WINNIPEG — Residents in a Winnipeg condo building are calling for action, after many residents are trapped inside.

83-year old Nick Anthonisen has been doing a lot of crossword puzzles lately.

“I’m locked in here.”

He can’t leave his apartment after both of the building’s elevators broke down earlier this week.

“My son who lives here in town has got me enough food to last,” Anthonisen said.

Nick Anthonisen stranded in his apartment after both elevators in his 12-storey apartment building broke down.

Lorraine Nickel / Global News

The 12-storey complex on Edmonton Street is home to dozens of elderly people and some with mobility issues. The elevators were their only way up or down.

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“I can go up four or five steps to a restaurant or something like that, but by God, four flights is impossible,” Anthonisen said.

On Tuesday morning, residents began to notice both elevators were not working. The next day they received a letter saying this would be their only way in and out of their home for at least a week.

“It makes things very inconvenient to get groceries to take our bikes out for a ride,” said Teresa Senderewich, who lives on the eighth floor.

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She can take the stairs but in the event of a medical emergency, paramedics would have to call firefighters to help them carry a patient down the stairs.

“Really the people who are suffering are the people with limited mobility and elderly,” said Senderewich.

The building’s management company, Tower Realty, said during routine repairs to the elevators, a circuit blew. New parts are currently being shipped and should be in place by the middle of next week. They said this has never happened before and is a very unusual thing to happen.

After the elevators broke on Tuesday evening, an elderly woman who uses a walker had to crawl up 12 flights of stairs to get to her apartment. She is now staying with a friend until the elevators are fixed.