Halifax investigating dumping ground in Dartmouth


A dumping ground has emerged in Dartmouth at Yorkshire Avenue near Windmill Road, according to the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM). The pile includes a large collection of flyers, baby clothing and children’s toys.

Tiffany Chase, senior communications advisor for (HRM) said the municipality receives about 20 to 30 reports of illegal dumping monthly.

“We just recently became aware of this particular location in Dartmouth, so our staff will be attending that site, making sure that it is on municipal property … if so we will be cleaning it up,” said Chase. “It is the responsibility of the property owner to clean up any such sites. But we encourage anyone that might have information about who left the material behind to contact 3-1-1, that would be the case for any illegal dumping that you see.”

When a report comes in about illegal dumping, bylaw officers will go to the site to see if they can determine who left the garbage behind.

The city has just kicked off its annual springtime cleanup for this year. The municipality is deploying its eight vacuum street sweepers and two tandem broom trucks to clean about 1,500 kilometres of roadway, which includes bicycle lanes. It will also cover 3,000 kilometres of curb in the core areas of the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM).

The overnight street cleaning program will go into effect Monday, May 1.