Hydro must pay for environmental damage


Re: “Site C dam sediment deemed threat to fish stocks,” April 18.

Who are we fooling?

Let me show you my colours on this subject: Green and Orange. The money spent on this dam could have been better used for research into an alternative source of renewable energy, and applied to the realization of these alternative, renewable energy sources, rather than the destruction of our environment.

It seems B.C. Hydro is “again in trouble” with enforcement officials, after sediment from construction of the $9-billion Site C dam was deemed a threat to the fish stocks in the Peace River system.

Hydro faces the prospect of fines of up to $200,000 on first offence and $400,000 on subsequent offences if the environmental problems remain unaddressed. With the words “again in trouble” it seems that they either have not learned their lesson, or they do not care.

If the fines are to be a deterrent, they are not working. Why? I guess that for B.C. Hydro, it is just a part of doing business, and the expenses will be passed on to the consumer, you and me.

Holding a company such as B.C. Hydro accountable means that those who are responsible for the project are to be held to account, and fines levied as a result of these and other infractions should be paid by those who are not doing their job, not by you and me.

Alexander Janssen


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