Maxime Bernier makes his case for CPC leader


    Maxime Bernier is a front runner for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada and the only candidate to have committed to eliminating the supply management system for the Canadian dairy industry.
    Mr. Bernier joins us on Saturday’s show to make his case on the key national and international issues which matter to voters.  Migrants illegally entering Canada, properly funding our military requirements, deficit spending the Trudeau government has allowed to run amok.  A national carbon tax, job creation and the loose manner in which some leading Canadian politicians have accused people who challenge their views of being racist.  Just a few issues to discuss with Maxime Bernier.  We’ll take your calls and hear your views.

    Gloria Allred is the internationally famed Los Angeles women’s and human rights lawyer who has on several occasions been a guest on the show to speak to the charges Bill Cosby committed sexual violations against women.
    Today Ms. Allred will share her views on the firing of Fox News Channel number 1 host Bill O’Reilly after revelations of sexual harassment claims and a report suggesting some $13 million has been paid out to women who have accused O’Reilly of harassment.  Are powerful and wealthy men routinely engaged in sexual misconduct?

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