Okanagan woman goes missing in Vancouver


A 29-year-old woman, originally from the Okanagan, has been missing since Sunday after disappearing from the Lower Mainland.

Maria Kruger is a member of the Penticton Indian Band and grew up in the Okanagan. But she has been living and working in Vancouver.

Family friend, Darryl-Jean Cerenzie, said Kruger has not been seen since Sunday.

Vancouver police said that last sighting occurred around 5:00 p.m. on Sunday near East 7th Avenue and Clark Drive.

“She has missed work which is unlike her. She hasn’t been home as well which is absolutely not like her as well. It is just very uncharacteristic for her,” said Cerenzie.

“She is valuable. She is not going to be another stigma that she’s just out and partying. We are taking this seriously and we are wanting her home.”

Cerenzie said a lot of tips have come in but so far Kruger has not been located. She said police are looking into Kruger’s cell phone and banking information to see if they can find her.

“It is very unlike her to not be in touch with family or friends,” said Cerenzie.

“We are just going full force into finding her and hopefully bring her home.”

Kruger is described as 5’5 and 140 pounds with dark brown medium length hair and brown eyes.

Police said she was wearing a black jacket, black t-shirt and black tights when she was last seen.

Police said Kruger has not been seen since Sunday.

Vancouver Police Handout