Quebec vet association unveils names of oldest dog and cat in the province


MONTREAL — At 21 years old, Hortense the cat has far outlived her prescribed nine lives.

The spry Scottish Fold has been awarded the title of Quebec”s oldest cat by the veterinarian association that tends to small animals.

The title of oldest dog went to Cachou, a 17-year-old Yorkshire terrier who dozed through today”s ceremony in Montreal in a tiny tuxedo.

Veterinary association president Valerie Trudel says the winners may not be the oldest cat and dog in the province, but they were the oldest they could find with continuous vet records.

She says Hortense would be about 120 years old in human age and Cachou would be about 100.

Hortense”s owner credits her cat”s longevity to good veterinary care and the feline”s easygoing outlook on life.

The veterinary association also revealed a study that showed the average age of a cat in Quebec is around six years, seven months.