Sentence in deadbabies case to be heard in July; decision will be broadcast live


The Winnipeg mother who hid the bodies of six babies inside a storage unit is set to be sentenced this summer.

Andrea Giesbrecht will be sentenced July 7, and the judge”s decision will be broadcast live. Provincial court Judge Murray Thompson has granted permission for CTV to livestream the decision, just as the guilty verdict was broadcast in the high-profile case.

Giesbrecht was convicted in February of six counts of concealing a child”s body. She faces a maximum two-year sentence on each count for a maximum total sentence of 12 years in prison. The judge convicted Giesbrecht based on evidence heard at trial each of the six babies — five boys and a girl — was likely born alive.

Their decomposed remains — some no more than bones — were found in garbage bags contained in plastic containers inside a McPhillips Street storage locker two years earlier, in October 2014. All of the infants” bodies, including one that was partly mummified, were found to be between 34 and 42 weeks gestation.

The case started in April and ended in early October, with several delays in between. It was initially reported the charges against Giesbrecht could be upgraded to include homicide offences, but that never happened. The Crown couldn”t prove its theory the babies died after they were dumped in plastic kitchen bags, which were then knotted at the top, Crown prosecutor Debbie Buors said during the trial.

Defence lawyer Greg Brodsky initially argued all of the six babies were stillborn, but he didn”t challenge a medical expert”s evidence the chances of that happening were one in 500 trillion.

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