“What once could have been” Student project highlights dreams vs. reality


A Mumbai, India media student’s photography project showing images of people in Mumbai doing their current jobs next to images of them doing their dream job has gone viral.

Deeksha Rathore created her “Dreamcatcher” series for a college project as a way to highlight how some people doing their day-to-day jobs versus jobs they hoped to have when they were younger.

In an Facebook post, Rathore says the project was inspired by words her mother said to her when she often expressed that she was having bouts of panic over what she should do in the future.

“According to her, one seldom ends up following the path they thought they would, and that’s alright,” Rathore wrote in the post.

One composite shows a flight attendant walking with her luggage on the left, while the same woman walks with a keyboard and headphones on the right illustrating her dream to be a musician.


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Another composite shows a doctor tying his face mask in the top image, while the same man, in the same scenario, puts on cricket gloves below.


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“What made the entire process even more fulfilling was the overwhelming response I got from (the models),” Rathore wrote. “The mere act of pulling out an army jacket or an airhostess badge evoked so many emotions.”

Other composite images feature a sweet maker designing clothes, a house maid dancing and rickshaw driver painting.

According to Rathore, the project gave people the chance to experience what once could have been, even though it was only for a moment.


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