Woman learning to drive charged in death of toddler


A 44-year-old woman is free on bond after a little girl died while she was learning how to drive in the parking lot outside of the girl’s home.

According to police, the suspect was learning to drive on a manual car in the parking lot outside of Wilfredo Cardoza’s  Lafayette, Colo., home on Easter Sunday where he was washing his vehicle.

Cardoza’s two daughters, including one-year-old Aelin, were in the back seat of the car.

CBS affiliate KCNC news reported that the suspect was putting her car into reverse and “accidentally hit the accelerator…crashing into the Honda which launched Aelin from the car.”

The doors to Cardoza’s vehicle was open while he was cleaning his car.

During an interview with KCNC, Cardoza’s sister-in-law, Lydia, translated for him.

“When she fell, he just grabbed her and was super scared. She just hugged him. He picked her up and said to God to help her,” said Lydia to KCNC.

Aelin later died in hospital.

Lydia also told KCNC that her brother-in-law “feels destroyed” since the passing of his daughter.

“She loved to hug him, and brought a smile to his face. Little cute girl. So energetic. She just makes us laugh,” she said to KCNC.

If convicted, the suspect can face up to one-year in jail.

Blanca Sandoval, 44, has been charged with careless driving.