Festival TransAmériques Gerard Reyes lets his body go with the flow

    From an early age, dancer/choreographer Gerard Reyes considered himself a misfit, and at 37, he still thinks of himself that way. Although he performed for seven years with Montreal’s Compagnie Marie Chouinard, known for its provocative style, it was only four years ago that Reyes found a dance style that he believes generously accommodates misfits. That style is voguing, which is at the root of his solo The Principle of Pleasure; it’s one of 12 contemporary dance shows in the two-week Festival TransAmériques, which begins on May 25.

    Reyes has long, slender legs and arms, and when he is voguing on stiletto heels and in tight, skimpy clothes, his sinuous swaying can give serious competition to the seductive sashaying of female runway models. 

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