New Brunswick RCMP asking drivers to be safe on roads this weekend


Members of the New Brunswick RCMP are asking drivers to be extra safe on the roads this weekend, with more traffic than usual expected.

J-Division RCMP  Staff Sgt. Jeff Johnson said police will be patrolling the roads this weekend to try and keep drivers safe and to prevent fatalities.

Johnson is reminding motorists to wear their seatbelts, drive sober and avoid reckless and dangerous driving.

“We want to remind the public to be aware that there’s likely a lot more traffic than usual on the roads [and] to remain alert,” Johnson said.

Hard Way Cycles owner Jeff Thibault said he hopes to get out for a motorcycle ride this weekend, and added bikers need to do everything they can to ensure they’re as safe as possible.

“It’s really being proactive and [doing] mirror checks and pothole checks and making sure you are going to protect yourself,” Thibault said.

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He said he hopes car drivers will keep motorcyclists top of mind this weekend and be conscious of other vehicles on the road.

Chopper Rods Inc. owner Rod Johnsen said it’s people in cars who often pose the greatest risk to bikers.

“It’s important to be aware of motorcycles because… we don’t have a big cage around us like you do in a car,” Johnsen said.

Bikers in the Moncton area spent Friday remembering Erin Robertson who was killed in a motorcycle accident exactly a year ago.

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Stacey Butler knew Robertson and told Global News Friday was a difficult day.

“It’s just a really hard day,” Butler said. “You know, that one-year anniversary is on everybody’s mind. It’s a beautiful sunny day out and I’m going out on my bike later, as are many people, and because it’s a long weekend there’s more traffic also, so I just really really hope that people take that couple extra seconds to pay attention to what’s going on around them.”

She said since Robertson’s death, the biking community has been displaying decals on their bikes that read, “Look twice, save a life”.