Time to accept it: Clark is our premier


Re: “Clark should follow Harper into hinterland,” letter, May 16.

Love her or hate her, the facts are the facts: Premier Christy Clark won the popular vote, even it was by the slimmest of margins. Unlike four years ago, she even won her riding, so I am puzzled how the writer can claim Clark lost and should follow former prime minister Stephen Harper into the political hinterland.

Unlike Harper on the night of the last federal election, she also won the seat count, as long as the numbers hold up. Even if it turns out the B.C. Liberals and NDP have the same number of seats, as happened in the 1998 Nova Scotia election, the Liberals get the first crack at forming the government because they governed when the legislature was dissolved.

I am not saying I like it, but unlike some sore losers in this province, I am learning to accept it. We did not vote on which party we would like the Greens to prop up if they ended up with the balance of power, and as far as I know, Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver never guaranteed that to any of the party leaders during the election.

Since it seems that Clark will continue being our premier, I advise getting to know her by reading Judi Tyabji’s latest book, Christy Clark: Behind the Smile. I enjoyed reading it and learning new things about our premier.

Andre Mollon


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