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Here are five need-to-know stories from Canada and around the world: According to new data, Canadians” lifetime risk of developing cancer is up; boxer Adam Braidwood speaks out about the fight that preceded Tim Hague”s death; an Alberta woman says Air Canada refused to let her granddaughter use a bathroom on a flight; the federal government is set to table a bill to remodel national security measures; and fire destroys an Alberta family”s new home on their first night after moving to New Brunswick.

Plus, CTV”s Chief Financial Commentator Patricia Lovett-Reid has some handy advice for those looking to save for retirement.

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1. Cancer rates: According to new data from the Canadian Cancer Society, nearly half of all Canadians are expected to be diagnosed with some form of cancer in their lifetime, an increase from the 2016 report.

2. Boxing death: In his first interview since the fight that preceded former UFC fighter Tim Hague”s death, boxer Adam Braidwood said he knew his opponent and friend would die moments after he landed the technical knockout blow.

3. “Regrettable incident” on Air Canada flight: An Alberta woman says Air Canada refused to let her three-year-old granddaughter use the nearest washroom on a flight from Nova Scotia to Calgary, which resulted in the toddler wetting herself and having to sit in her own urine for three hours.

4. National security remodel: The federal government introduces a bill today, that would remodel national security measures, including more oversight of the Canadian Border Services Agency.

5. First night disaster: An Alberta family who sold everything to move to New Brunswick are facing an uncertain future after their house burned down on their very first night in it.

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CTV”s Chief Financial Commentator Patricia Lovett-Reid lays out three important financial considerations to examine as you plan your retirement.

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