50 years of Aislin Travels for the Gazette

    In my early days at The Gazette, editor Denis Harvey encouraged me to experiment with my work so I could expand my horizons beyond the Editorial page. With his support, my sketches started to appear in other sections of the newspaper. He also let me go off — pencil and sketchbook in hand — to Northern Ireland, Havana and best of all, Expos spring training in Florida. Since then, I have travelled even farther abroad to produce sketchbooks for the newspaper.

    In 2006, my wife and I accompanied a McGill University medical team to Tanzania to observe the doctors and nurses as they lent a hand at three hospitals in the poor, AIDS-ravaged province of Makete. Some of the scenes I sketched were quite joyful, others brutal. As implied in the accompanying drawing, grandparents were often forced to assume the care of children whose parents had died of AIDS.

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