7 learn $9K lesson about driving without insurance after caught doing ‘burnouts’ N.S. RCMP


Seven motorists learned a costly lesson about driving without insurance after Nova Scotia RCMP handed out fines while responding to multiple reports of cars doing “burnouts” in a Lower Sackville parking lot.

According to police, officers from the Halifax District responded to complaints of cars spinning their tires, causing them to heat up and smoke, shortly before 7:30 p.m. on Sunday.

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Every vehicle leaving the parking lot was checked by officers and seven drivers were charged with not having valid insurance.

RCMP handed out fines under the Motor Vehicle Act with the punishment coming in excess of $8,900.

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“Doing ‘burnouts’ is dangerous because drivers can lose control of their vehicles,” says Cpl. Dal Hutchinson, a spokesperson for the Halifax District RCMP. “Doing ‘burnouts’ and driving without insurance are two decisions that can result in fines and/or vehicle seizures under the Motor Vehicle Act, as well as prosecution under the Criminal Code.”

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