Commentary Remembering an inspiring aunt and uncle


This past weekend my cousins laid to rest their mother — my Aunt Shirley.

My aunt Shirley was one of nicest, most generous people I’ve ever met.

She and her husband, my late uncle John, were very inspirational and supportive of me choosing the unconventional career path I did.

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As kids, there was no better call to get on a hot weekend morning then from my aunt.

We all knew it meant one thing: pool party BBQ!

When we gathered to celebrate her life, the room was filled with family, friends, and pictures of the many fond memories I have described.

It’s a similar scene that plays out with families every day around the world.

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It’s said that funerals are not for the dead, but the living.

They teach us to stop and take stock of what is truly important in life.

So to the Aunt Shirleys and Uncle Johns of the world, from those of us who’ve lost your loving presence in our lives: Thanks — message heard loud and clear!

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