Jail break Four out of five bears returned after escaping Langley wildlife facility


Getting four out of five isn’t usually too bad, except maybe when it involves bears.

A Langley wildlife care facility is missing one young bear cub after the roof of its enclosure collapsed on Sunday afternoon around 4 p.m.

Critter Care Wildlife Society, which is a wildlife shelter that rehabilitates, rescues and releases injured and orphaned animals, said in a Facebook posting that part of their bear enclosure roof suddenly collapsed, allowing five one-and-a-half year old bear cubs to escape.

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Four of the five cubs were lured back into the secured closure but one “bolted for the forest” after spying a conservation officer. While the cub is still missing, the wildlife society says it’s a local bear and there is no safety risk.

Even though conservation officers had planned to release the cub on Wednesday, they will still watch for the bear.

Critter Care asks anyone who spots the tagged bear to call conservation officers at 1-877-952-7277 and notify the society so they can continue to track her movements.

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While Langley is considered a rural area and the cub is not considered a threat to the public, the society reminds people to be aware they’re in ‘bear country’ and to avoid leaving food out that would attract wildlife.


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