Mayor Denis Coderre”s son, facing fraud charges, enters therapy program


Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre’s 21-year-old son has entered a therapy program while he faces five criminal charges alleging he took part in credit card fraud and obstructing justice. 

Alexandre Coderre’s lawyer, Conrad Lord, made the announcement during a brief hearing at the Montreal courthouse on Tuesday. The hearing was supposed to be used as a date for Coderre to announce whether he wishes for his case to be heard before a judge alone or before a jury. Instead, Lord asked that the stage in the case be delayed because Coderre just started a therapy program. Lord did not state what type of therapy is involved. 

Lord told Judge Suzanne Costom he wants to see how the therapy goes before he takes a position on how to proceed. Prosecutor Fannie Turcot objected to the delay but the judge agreed to carry the case over to September. The mayor’s son was not required to be present in court on Tuesday. 

The charges Coderre faces involve a time frame between January 2015 and December 2016. He is accused of attempting to mislead a police officer in a criminal investigation, fraud against the Bank of Nova Scotia and the Royal Bank of Canada, unauthorized use of credit card data and obstructing justice. 

According to an article published in May by La Presse, the investigation began after the mayor filed a complaint to police, believing that his son had become a victim of identity theft. During the Chamberland Commission, Montreal police Chief Philippe Pichet revealed that Coderre called him directly about the matter and that he simply referred the mayor to someone who was familiar with those type of investigations. Pichet said it was the only time that an elected official had contacted him about a personal matter.

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