Montreal police temporarily pack up their camouflage pants


Montreal police have packed up their camouflage pants, at least temporarily, as their union and the city try to hammer out an agreement on pensions.

City police have been wearing camouflage and other brightly coloured pants since July 2014 as part of pressure tactics stemming from a battle over pension reforms.

The Montreal Police Brotherhood says by putting the pants protest on hold, it is trying to “reach out” to the employer, but warns officers will return to camouflage gear on Friday night if there is no progress at the table and “different orders are given.”

Quebec Public Security Minister Martin Coiteux tabled legislation in April that would force police to wear the proper uniform.

He said if the bill passes, officers would face fines ranging from $500 to $3,000 for a first violation, and possibly double that for repeat offenders.

He said it”s important for police to wear their uniforms to maintain public confidence and ensure officers can be easily identified.

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