Okanagan Lake level continues to decrease but at very slow pace


Another day, another drop in the water level in Okanagan Lake.

While the water level has dropped every day for more than a week now, the decreases are very small.

The level dropped only 4 millimetres between Monday and Tuesday mornings and still about 70 centimetres above full pool.

While the water level continues to drop, emergency officials have yet to say the lake has peaked.

“I am not prepared to say that,  I don’t know if the Province of B.C. is prepared to say that, ” Jason Luciw with the Central Okanagan Emergency Operatioons Centre said. “We are definitely seeing it go in the right direction so as far as we are concerned,  we need to see it keep going there. What the trends need to be for the Province to say that, they’re the official word on this, they are the experts on this.”

Wildfire crews with the B.C. Forestry Service continue removing sandbags from the areas no longer at risk near creeks and re-deploying them along the lake shore.

On Monday, crews removed thousands of sandbags from Burne Avenue in Kelowna along Mill Creek.  On Tuesday morning, sand removal work was taking place at nearby Marshall Street.






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