Quebec taxi industry gives up on government committee


Tired of being ignored, the Quebec taxi industry announced Tuesday it has split ways with the government committee that is supposed to develop a program to help the industry modernize.

The committee was nothing but a diversion attempt by the government, said industry spokeperson Guy Chevrette at a press conference in Montreal.

Chevrette says the committee only met for four hours in six months.

The committee was established in December 2016 with a variety of mandates. It was to make recommendations to the government on three issues: the supply management regime and the value of owner’s permits; the economic conditions of drivers and owners; and the development of a program to assist the modernization of the taxi industry.

The taxi industry was in favour of installing sales registration modules in all taxis, provided that Uber drivers faced the same regulations.

The modules will allow everyone to see who is evading taxes, Chevrette said.

He said the industry is tired of tax evasion allegations and urges the Transport ministry to act quickly.


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