Several people stuck on ‘Mach 3’ ride at Calgary Stampede Saturday


A scary moment for several people at the Calgary stampede grounds Saturday, after they were stuck on a popular ride when it broke down mid-air.

A malfunction happened on the ‘Mach 3’ which stopped the ride at peak height.

It took the ride operator about 30 minutes to evacuate seven people off of it.

One person was assessed by paramedics at the scene and was taken to hospital as a precaution.

The Calgary Stampede said the ride operator, which is called NAME, will contact AEDARSA who will clear the ride before returning it to service.

AEDARSA regulates amusement rides in Alberta.
According to
North American Midway Entertainment, the arm of the Mach 3 ride is just over 100 feet long with two sets of seats mounted at the end of each arm, back to back. Each four-seat assembly can swing 360 degrees.


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