Peterborough Folk Festival shines spotlight on emerging local artist MaryKate Edwards


Nicholls Oval Park was packed full of people on Saturday for the 28th edition of the Peterborough Folk Festival and organizers say they expect more than 5,000 people each day, for the three-day event.

“It’s a great celebration that’s quite unique in Peterborough County,” said Chair Board of the Peterborough Folk Festival, Malcolm Byard. “In that it is a free event, and it combines music, craft, and family, children’s entertainment all in the same weekend.”

There are over 40 local craft vendors and lots of food options — and it’s all volunteer driven.

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Part of the folk festival’s mission is to foster emerging artists from Peterborough County, like Serena Ryder who was helped by the festival in 2001.

This year, Mary-Kate Edwards is in the spotlight. She will be performing three times over the course of the weekend on stages throughout the festival.

“As an emerging artist I get three performances during the weekend. So, opening for the headliner, which was Buffy Sainte-Marie this year, and today (Saturday) I get my performance on the Solar Stage, and tomorrow (Sunday) I will be performing on the main stage at 12 o’clock,” said Edwards.

Edwards calls her self a Peter-bred, as she was born and raised in Peterborough.

Edwards told Chex News that she feels overwhelmed, but a good overwhelmed, and that “smiling has never been easier.”

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