Competitors at World Indoor Skydiving Championships in Laval hope for Olympic recognition


Laval is hosting the second edition of the World Indoor Skydiving Championships this weekend at the SkyVenture centre. 

More than 200 athletes from 23 countries are competing in this new discipline, which hopes to become a recognized Olympic sport. Some of the competitors have trained for more than 500 hours. Tap here for the livestream

The first championship for this sport, which sprang from outdoor skydiving, was hosted by the Czech Republic in 2015, a year after the Fédération aéronautique internationale gave it the seal of approval, says SkyVenture spokesperson Catherine Carignan-Levasseur.

“The feeling is exactly the same (as in skydiving), except that in an indoor free-fall simulator,” she said, “we can go back. In a parachute, we just fall. … Of course, the environment is much safer and much more controlled.”

Among the Canadian competitors is Coralie Boudreault, 14, who will compete in the freestyle category, which Carignan-Levasseur described as an aerial dance. 

Here are some images from the competition, which continues through Oct. 23. 

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