Carbon Monoxide (CO) Analyzers

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a toxic gas that needs to be monitored and identified in ambient air, flue gases and exhaust from combustion engines. CO is used in process monitoring for safety and compliance purposes and in emissions control as a component of combustion efficiency and power generation. Several sensing technologies are available for this application depending on the measurement range required.

Infrared absorption co analyzer is an effective technique for measuring carbon monoxide concentration in flue gases. An infrared light source focuses and modulates infrared energy through a filter into the measuring cell. The absorbed infrared energy is detected by the detector and converted to a measurement signal that can be read directly on the display or transmitted remotely for reading on a PC or printer. The detector signal is temperature compensated to account for the effects of flue gas temperature on the infrared absorption characteristics of the sample.

NDIR CO monitors feature an infrared sensing element that measures the amount of carbon monoxide present in the air using a nonlinear response. The instrument electronics transform the basic sensor output signal into a linear measurement that can be read on the display.

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Met One NDIR CO instruments are designed to meet the demands of continuous monitoring applications through extensive use of standard components and a modular design that facilitates onsite maintenance. These features reduce the cost of ownership by minimizing downtime due to routine inspection, calibration and repairs. Enhanced system integration is possible with a full suite of remote monitoring, diagnostic viewing and data logging capabilities.